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Got the entire farmer set.

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Ehhh not quite a vaal gem I needed.



Can everyone stop using runetrack because its bad and move over to runeclan, ye ty

:o Why is it bad?

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So much easier to take these on with a skeleton army or 2.


Used up my last charge on the aura until its ready in 277 days.. fuck…


ashindice replied to your photo “What is sad is at one point in history I use to be rank 124 overall……”

dude I gained 20mil thieving this month GET ON MY LEVEL!@$%^

So r00d. You may leaves thru the trap door over there. I’ll have my demon butler teleport you out.


I made noms, take one and pass the plate.


What is sad is at one point in history I use to be rank 124 overall… *sighs*

ashindice How you doing for this month?

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Vaal area’s, and their gems I gained from them. Vaal Spark is crazy, 150 discharges, barely any damage on them but with so many it packs some punch, good for crowd control.

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I find it so sad when the Rogue Exile has better drops than a gold chest.

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Auspah’s 100 follower Art Giveaway!

Since I just hit a milestone or whatever follower-wise I figured I better do one of these!

How to enter:

  • 1 like counts as 1 entry. 
  • 1 reblog counts as 1 entry.

You can reblog this as many times as you want.


  • A full colored drawing of a Runescape NPC of your choice OR your RS character.

There will be three winners. The giveaway ends on 8/30/2014, when I will announce the winners and contact them. Please have your askbox open!


  • No blank blogs. Wtf. 
  • You do not need to be following me to win.
  • Your ask box needs to be open.
  • No fucking gnome child I will not draw that as your prize lmfao
  • You need to be a semi-runescape related blog like I don’t want random ppl reblogging this, winning and asking for art of like, Digimon or something.

If you’d like to view more of my Runescape art you can here!

Good luck!

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If only I’d get keys of not secundus right now.. >-> I already have ur signet sir… can I plz get a different key drop eh.